Moving made easy

On average most people complete a long distance move 3 times throughout their life. Moving can be one of the most stressful, complicated and expensive tasks to endure, especially if you are moving a family. At Greenleaf Auto Transport, our goal is make each customer’s move simple, safe and stress-free. We understand each customers moving situation is different and we are here to work around your schedule. It is our job to set you up with the proper expectations so no surprises will occur through the process.

What we offer

Auto Shipping

We are a company that is ensured, licensed and bonded. Our mission is to accommodate every client with the best customer service from start to finish, treating every car as if it were our own. If your vehicle is going to, or from a military base, we have drivers that can also provide the proper documentation to be allowed entry. Even if you are going to Canada, or Mexico, and need a customs broker, we will have that available for you.

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Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycles are strapped onto a special skid and secured with soft straps. Units other than motorcycles are secured directly to the truck using straps. The skid provides a Perimeter of Protection around the bike to help protect it during transport. The transport time is generally a bit faster than our Economy Service, yet the cost is usually higher.

Enclosed Carriers

Our covered or enclosed transport service is second to none. Green Leaf Auto Transport offers "Dual Driver" services so that your vehicle gets to your destination as protected and as fast as possible. Rules from the United States Department of Transportation limit drivers from being on the road long periods of time. Green Leaf Auto Transport designates two drivers to operate the transport giving you, and your vehicle, the added benefit of safety, speed and efficiency. Your valued vehicle arrives quickly with this personal, specialized touch.

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The key factor that will dictate the transit time is for one the distance being traveled. Naturally a cross country move might take a bit longer than a move under 1000 miles. 

As we know unforeseen things do happen on the road. In the event of an accident all trucks have standard liability as well as catastrophic coverage towards all cargo. Rest assured your items are protected, however if we do run into a situation we have trucks on standby ready to step in and finish the job in order to meet proper and legal delivery spreads.

Yes, just let your transportation coordinator know the vehicle does not run while requesting a quote or setting up the order, and we will have send a car carrier that can winch your vehicle onto the trailer.

Yes, every auto carrier we use holds a minimum of $500,000 in cargo insurance. Prior to transporting your vehicle the carrier will perform a thorough inspection with you and document the condition of the car.  If any new damage is present upon delivery, please notate the damage as insurance companies will not cover any damage that is not noted.

Most will, yes but that might cost extra. You may save money if you are able to bring it to their terminals near the “from” and “to” locations.

Yes. In fact, many car shippers will actually have your car(s) on trailers with up to 8 to 10 other cars for at least part of the way.

Many auto transport companies will require that either you or someone designated by you be present to go through an inspection and sign off the vehicles condition.

We request that you schedule your car shipping as soon as possible to insure that your car is moved within the time frame which best meets your schedule. However, if an immediate pick up is necessary, we can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up within 24 hours.

The initial deposit must be paid via credit or debit card. For the remaining balance due, all payments must be made via cash, cashier’s check, postal money order, or official bank check ONLY. No credit cards are accepted for final payment.